The Italian Cooperation, in partnership with DPA and UNOPS, rebuilds homes in Hitteen Camp to support Palestinian Refugees in Jordan

Amman, 14 March 2019 – The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is renovating 100 housing units in collaboration with the Jordanian Department of Palestinian Affairs (DPA), through the Housing Reconstruction Project for Palestinian Refugees in Hitteen Camp. The USD 2 million project is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) to improve living conditions of Palestinian refugees residing in the Hitteen Camp in Jordan.

As a result of this project, 500 Palestinian refugees living in around 100 houses in the camp will benefit from the rehabilitated houses, offering improved safety and security for both the houses as well as the families. The project will directly contribute to preserving the dignity of refugees, and improving their living standards. The rehabilitation will also ensure an improvement in sanitary conditions and public health.

“As part of our commitment towards ensuring the safety of families as well as preserving the dignity of camp residents,” H. E. the Italian Ambassador to Jordan Fabio Cassese said, “our intervention in Hitteen camp targets the most vulnerable Palestinians refugees, to enhance their housing conditions and ensure safer living environments”, he underlined.

According to a recent study conducted by FAFO Foundation in collaboration with the Jordanian Department of Palestinian Affairs (DPA) and the Department of Statistics (DoS), about 300 houses in the camp require restructuring. "We strive to enhance the quality of people's homes, protecting low income households from threats posed to the safety and health of the family. Housing repairs intend to offer more equal housing opportunities" AICS Amman Director Michele Morana says, "and while enhancing the welfare of family members, the interventions have also a longer-term side effect of extending the life of homes and of revitalizing the neighborhood".

The initiative also intends to contribute generation of livelihood opportunities and income in the camp. It is indeed expected that 50 percent of skilled and unskilled workers in the construction works will be made up of refugees.

“In line with our infrastructure mandate, UNOPS is pleased to contribute to the improvement of living conditions in Hitteen camp, and support the Government of Jordan in its effort to deliver quality services and shelters, for the benefit of the camp residents in need”, said Bana Kaloti, UNOPS Regional Director for the Middle East while reiterating her commitment to engage with all partners and stakeholders.

Eng. Rafiq Kherfan, Director General of the Department of Palestinian Affairs, adds that “as a result of the interest of the Jordanian Government in improving the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Jordan, DPA has been able to communicate with AICS which agreed on funding the rehabilitation project for the housing of poor families in Hitteen Camp. We highly appreciate the generous support of the Italian Government to the Palestinian community in Jordan”.

Hitteen camp, also known as Marka camp, dates back to 1968, and hosts around 53,000 Palestinian residents.


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