Michele Morana, head of AICS Amman office 2016-2021

Welcome to AICS Amman's new website!

The beginning of 2019 coincides with the launch of our new website. As the Director of AICS Amman since 2016, together with all the staff of AICS in Jordan and Iraq, I am pleased to say that the past year has been decisive and fruitful for the Italian Cooperation in both Countries.

With the MoU undersigned in 2017 between Italy and Jordan, the Italian Government pledged to strengthen bilateral cooperation, in support of the strategy in response to the Syria crisis and the Country's development programmes.

In May of this year the new Framework Agreement for Development Cooperation was signed. This Agreement, which replaces the 1966 Agreement, supports medium and long-term cooperation initiatives going beyond the response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

The mandate we received in 2018 to coordinate cooperation initiatives in Iraq represented a further commitment for our office, but also a leap in quality, in demonstration of the importance of a regional vision of international development interventions.

The close collaboration with Civil Society partners and International Organizations has been an integral part of our work, as well as the strengthened relationships with local Institutions. We have implemented quality projects, organized events and workshops, and launched calls in the Livelihoods, Protection and Health sectors. We opened the way to the diversification of our cooperation interventions, tailoring our core programmes to include Cultural Heritage and sustainable tourism, as well as to address mental health and the needs of people with disabilities.

Given the numerous stimuli and critical issues encountered, our first priority was to strengthen our response capacity, expanding our staff and the office space, and aiming to progressively improve our contribution to development through targeted and constructive interventions.

We believe in the involvement of all beneficiaries and partners, therefore we  strengthened our information channels, particularly on "social media", trying to provide timely information and news.

We hope that your visit to this website will give you useful insights on our work in Jordan and Iraq, and we will be happy to receive your comments.

#Greetings from @AICSAmman.

Michele Morana



Michele Morana was appointed as the AICS Amman Director from 2016 to July 2021.