AICS Supports Public Administration Reform in Jordan through Project with the Institute of Public Administration (IPA)










The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) is proud to be a key partner in the “Support to the Institute of Public Administration of Jordan” project, which aims to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of Jordan’s public administration. This project, implemented by the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) in partnership with the Italian National School of Administration (SNA), has already achieved significant results in its first year.

Key achievements:

Over 1670 Jordanian civil servants trained
Launch of IPA’s Leadership Program
Development of Jordan’s first Diploma in Public Administration and Policy Making
Training programs on digital transformation and project management
Creation of an Innovation Lab within the IPA

AICS is committed to supporting Jordan’s development and prosperity and we are proud to partner with the IPA and other stakeholders to achieve this goal. We believe that a strong public administration is essential for delivering effective services to citizens and promoting economic growth.


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